For those walking the path of grieving the loss of a baby or child, we offer grace for the journey and a friend to walk with you... There are moments on this walk when we feel we cannot go on. Moments when a friend comes alongside us to point us again to the One who sustains us. A friend to lift us in prayer. A friend to allow us to lean on her as she leans on Him. A friend, who is not afraid to walk through the valley in the rain, with a storm mounting. She is not afraid, because the Lord is her strength and her shield. She is not afraid because she doesn't walk alone. And because He has walked with her through the valleys and the storms, He has sent her to walk with you. And He will carry you both through the rain, through the storm, through the unknown dark alleys to secure, dry ground. Whether you are a newly bereaved mother or a seasoned mom who has watched the Lord make beauty from ashes in your life. Whether you need someone to lean on or you are the shoulder that can bear the burden, we hope you will walk with us as we are walking with Him. We hope you will join us with our broken umbrellas, with all our little quirks and imperfections in our various stages on this walk, as His grace washes over us in the pouring rain.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Show Some Love to Michelle, Mommy to Audrey and Kimberly, Mommy to Hudson

We are again featuring two sweet mamas on this week's Walking With You. I know that it has been awhile since we began this little showing-some-love-to-a-grieving-mama-each-week-project. That's part of the reason I've been trying to double up and feature two mothers in a week! I hope you will take some time to visit both and let them know that you are praying for them. It doesn't take much time, but it sure blesses the heart of a grieving mother to know that she is not alone.

First meet Michelle, mommy to the beautiful Audrey...

Michelle's words as they appear on her sidebar:
Jamie and I lost our first baby due to an early miscarriage and our firstborn, Audrey to severe prematurity (25 weeks) and sepsis. I blog to keep record of my journey for myself, a journal of sorts. In doing so I hope that other baby loss moms or those affected by a similar loss find some encouragement and comfort that we are not alone in our pain.

Michelle has such a beautiful smile! She has started a lovely project in memory of sweet Audrey called, Audrey's Little Light. She creates custom made scrapbook candles in memory of little ones who have left this earth too soon.

Please stop by and let her know that you are praying for her this week.

You may be familiar with the heart-warming smile of sweet Kimberly and the story of her sweet Hudson. But, please stop by and show her some love and say some prayers for her this week. I am linking to a post she wrote shortly after Hudson went home to heaven in January 2009. More of her recent blog shares about life with the latest Henninger blessing, their sweet daughter. I wanted to focus on Hudson for Walking With You, so I'm directing you to a post that tells his story. Please leave your comments there.

And, here are a few words from Kimberly as written in her profile:

We are The Henninger Family! Life has been full of many different paths and adventures in the past 3 years that we have been married. This blog is composed of all of the exciting times as well as sad times we have faced and are facing. We have a beautiful little boy named Hudson Greer who was born still after 30 weeks of pregnancy. We also have a 60-lbs lap dog named Hunter who we have had for 8 years and will always be our little baby. Both of us love Hudson and Hunter so much and are so glad they are a part of our lives. In our newest chapter we gave birth to the most resent addition to our family - Heidi Jewell. She is teaching us, just like Hudson did, so much more about life than we ever knew.

Thanks again. Have a blessed week!

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  1. Thank you for the feature Kelly!! I am sure that even if no one comments on anyone's blog there are so many people that your posts are reaching out too. Thank you so much for continuing to do so much for those that are grieving.